If you were issued a speeding ticket for going over 100 mph in Kern
County here is what you are facing if convicted:  1.  A fine of as much as
2500 ($500 base plus penalties and assessments)  2.  A 30 day suspension
of your drivers license.  3.  2 points on your DMV record for 7 years.  
Speeding tickets in California can range from the benign to very serious
depending on the circumstances.  The good news is that unless you are a
commercial driver or the speed is greater than 20 mph, you can usually
attend traffic school to get the citation dismissed and the points removed.  
Bakersfield attorney Bruce Blythe has been fighting traffic violations for
20 years.  The most severe are the over 100 tickets because they carry
stiff penalties if you are adjudicated guilty in Court.  Here is one recent
online review received from a client we represented:

"I hired Bruce to extricate me as best as possible from a nightmare - a
speeding ticket alleging I was driving at 104mph - and he delivered a
miracle. I was consigned in my mind to having to pay a penalty, get
points on my record, and deal with issues with my insurer, believing
justice wouldn't be done, and that a CHP officer's mistaken assessment
would be credited by the court. Not so. Bruce achieved a complete
dismissal, and did so without my having to think about or spend any
time on the matter. I recommend him and his team 100,000% for any
matter. He is the real deal, and has my marker for life for his
professionalism, integrity, and ability to deliver the goods."

Most citizens do not understand the ticket process so here is a quick
primer on how the system works.  First, the citing officer issues the
violation and requires the driver to sign the bottom of the ticket, why?  
Well, it is simply your promise to appear on a certain date to either
contest the citation or plead guilty or no contest and resolve it.  If you fail
to show up a hold is laced on your license until you clear the ticket in
Court.  What if I show up and the cop is not there?  He won't be, the
reason is because the first date is the "arraignment" which is the legal
word for entering a plea.  If you plead not guilty then a second Court
appearance is required, this is called a trial.  At this point the officer must
appear and testify or the case will be dismissed.  Unfortunately, once the
case gets to this stage a Judge may deny your opportunity to take traffic
school if you are otherwise eligible.  However, another option is to hire a
local attorney, such as Bruce Blythe to fight the ticket for you and relieve
you of the stress and worry associated with the process.

Being issued a speeding ticket can result in enormous increases in your
auto insurance premiums, add points to your DMV record and possible
suspension of your driver's license.  Most citations involving excessive
speed have potential defenses that can be utilized to obtain an acquittal or
dismissal in traffic Court.  Bakersfield Speeding Ticket Lawyer, Bruce
Blythe has 20 years experience fighting and winning cases for his clients.  
Have you been issued a traffic citation in Kern County? If so, our Law
Firm can help.  For close to two decades we have violations such as
speeding, reckless driving, commercial offenses, among many others.
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There are 3 big reasons to hire Bruce to fight your citation:  1.  When you
retain our firm you get a real attorney handling your case.  Bruce goes to
Court personally for you and sets the case for trial and later appears at
trial to try and resolve the case.  Most other ticket clinics will only do a
trial by declaration which in many cases is a waste of time.  2.  Bruce has
the highest success rate among most firms, in some cases well above 90
percent.  3.  There are NO HIDDEN FEES.  Bruce quotes you a fee and
handles the case all the way through until there is a resolution.  

If a law enforcement officer ticketed you for driving over 100 you could
be facing a mandatory suspension of your license in Court and be
penalized with 2 points on your DMV record, the same as DUI or
reckless driving.  Fighting a speeding citation takes experience and
knowledge of the local Judges and judicial system.  If you hire a "clinic"
or Internet mill firm to defend you could be stuck with a conviction on
your record and the higher insurance costs associated with a bad record.  
Bakersfield California has some of the toughest enforcement policies in
the state.  The CHP, Kern County Sheriff's Department
and local police all have agendas to give tickets without regard for the
consequences and impact they may have on a driver's DMV record or
insurance rates.  Having a committed
Bakersfield Speeding Ticket
Attorney in your corner can make all the difference.  Our Law Firm
handles traffic matters in all Kern County Courts including Mojave,
Shafter, Taft, Lamont and Delano.

Because we are local and have an office across the street from the
Superior Court, we can appear on your behalf and negotiate a no point
violation,  traffic school or fight for a reduction or dismissal of the
speeding ticket.  Our Speeding Ticket Attorney, Bruce Blythe enjoys a
near 90 percent success rate on getting violations dismissed in Court,
particularly truck citations and driving over 100 miles per hour.

There are many questions that folks have when they are facing a Court
date in the Bakersfield Traffic Court.  What are the fines? Can I have a
Lawyer appear for me if I live outside the area?  Will the Judge suspend
my license?  What are the insurance ramifications?  Our Bakersfield
Speeding Ticket Attorney can help answer these questions.

What are the ways to fight a speeding ticket?  There are many.  To start,
a challenge can be made to the radar device, was it in good working
order?  Second, if the speed was determined by a pace, was the vehicle
speedometer properly calibrated? Third, in aircraft cases, can law
enforcement establish that the person ticketed was the true offender and
can the prosecution prove speed in an admissible way?  Our Bakersfield
Speeding Ticket Attorney, Bruce Blythe has defended thousands of cases
and knows the law and how to use it to your benefit.

Among the many questions folks have about speeding tickets are:  What
are the consequences for a citation on my DMV record?  Well, any
moving violation will appear at a minimum of 1 point, driving over 100
mph appears as two points, as does reckless driving and exhibition of
speed.  If you are a commercial truck driver most tickets are one and a
half points.

Call us today, ask to speak directly with the attorney.  Our fees are
reasonable and we accept all major credit cards.  There is no reason to
travel to our office to hire us, we can send the paperwork directly to you
via Fax or E-mail.  Once we have the paperwork we commence work on
the case and prepare the applicable defenses that are designed to win the
case. Our firm also handles Mojave Speeding Tickets as well as criminal
matters and speeding tickets in Shafter CA.

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