Got a Mojave DUI, speeding ticket, drug case?  Bruce defends all DUI,
reckless driving, serious speeding tickets, DWI and drunk driving in the
Mojave Court.  We also defend all felony charges, spousal abuse, drug
offenses, gun charges, marijuana possession, OWI commercial violations,
log book citation, hazardous truck violations, failure to appear (FTA)
warrants among many other criminal charges.  All arrests from Tehachapi,
Bear Valley Springs, Stallion Springs, California City and eastern Kern
Highways all go to the Mojave Superior Court.

Call today for a case evaluation  661-327-7833

In one recent case we represented a member of the military charged with
a 3rd DUI. Mojave DUI Attorney Bruce Blythe fought the case hard so as
to avoid any jail time for the client.  Mr. Blythe was successful in
negotiating a no jail time disposition for the client in the Mojave Superior
Court.  In another case Mr. Blythe was retained to defend a driving over
100 mph (VC22348b), the client was alleged to be driving 118 mph.  The
attorney fought the case and obtained an acquittal (all charges dropped).
Though each criminal case is different, our Lawyers have been able to
achieve miraculous results like this in many cases.  If you have a DUI case
pending in the east Kern Court, call the Mojave DUI attorneys for a free
case evaluation.

We can appear on your behalf when the Court gives you a mandatory
appearance. If you are in need of a Mojave Speeding Ticket Attorney we
can negotiate traffic school or fight for a reduction or dismissal of the
speeding ticket.  Our seasoned lawyers also can recall and quash old
failure to appear matters and arrest warrants. Call the
Kern County
Criminal Defense Lawyer with the highest success rate.

Contact Us today, ask to speak directly with the Mojave Attorney.  Our
track record for dismissals of traffic tickets is among the highest in the
county.  Don't let a ticket or arrest ruin your life, call us we defend all DUI,
drunk driving, tickets and criminal cases, call the Mojave Criminal
Defense Attorney with the best track record.  In addition to the criminal
charges, the lawyer can also demand a DMV hearing to challenge any
potential license suspension arising from the incident.  However, in most
drunk driving situations, the law only gives you 10 calendar days to
effectuate your right to a formal hearing.  Call the attorney today to
discuss your case.

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