License Suspension For Commercial Driver Avoided
Client was facing one year loss of license for drunk driving, our firm appealed the
DMV ruling and got the suspension reversed.

DUI Charges Dismissed on Denial of Constitutional Rights
Attorney Bruce Blythe was hired by an out of state client who was arrested for
VC23152 near the 99 freeway.  The blood alcohol was nearly twice the legal limit.  
Mr. Blythe filed a motion challenging the case based on a denial of due process,
the motion was granted and all charges were dismissed.

DUI Charges Dropped for Illegal Traffic Stop
The client was stopped after he was observed leaving a bar.  The CHP alleged he
violated a traffic law, however, the attorney argued successfully that there was no
lawful reason to stop the client, charges thrown out.

DUI, Evading Arrest: Charges Dismissed, No License Suspension
Our client, a Kern County Corrections Officer, was charged with DUI, evading and
his license was taken away.  We were hired and immediately requested a DMV
hearing to save his license. We went to Court, got the evading dismissed and won
the DMV hearing and his driver's license was returned.

DUI Dropped, Won DMV Hearing, BAC .14%
Client was found passed out inside his car with engine running.  CHP officer
arrested for DUI and license confiscated.  Attorneys demanded DMV hearing and
convinced them that arrest was unlawful.  Later, in Court Mr. Blythe obtained
dismissal of all driving under the influence charges.

Vehicular Manslaughter Charges Dropped
Client allegedly killed another driver in a traffic accident in Southwest Bakersfield.  
Attorney Blythe successfully negotiated a civil compromise for the criminal charges,
and the criminal case was dismissed.

Charges Dropped on False Child Molestation Case
Our client was arrested in Texas and extradited to Bakersfield on a warrant of
arrest.  The case stemmed from a break up with the client's girlfriend, after which
the daughter made allegations of sexual abuse. Our client was facing 15 years in
prison and lifelong sex offender 290 registration. Our client maintained the
accusation was the result of "brainwashing" by the accuser's mother.   We fought
the case aggressively, following a preliminary hearing which involved extensive
cross examination of the accuser's mother, the D.A.dropped all charges.

Drunk Driving- .18% B.A.C., Case Dismissed
Recently,  Attorney Bruce Blythe was successful in getting DUI charges reduced to
a public intoxication.  The District Attorney alleged our client had a .18% blood
alcohol level.  The reduction of the offense to simple public intoxication meant the
DUI charge would never appear on the client's DMV record, he would not have to
attend any DUI school and his automobile insurance would not be affected.  This
amazing  Court result followed our success in winning the DMV hearing two months
prior (see below).

Second Degree Murder Charges Dropped- Client Released
Our client was arrested for second degree murder, Felony DUI causing death and
gross vehicular manslaughter.   Our firm immediately began preparing a case to
defend our client, including a number of communications with the CHP investigating
the case and the District Attorney's Office.  After being held for nearly  two weeks
our client was released from jail , all charges were dropped.  

DMV Drunk Driving Suspension .18% Set Aside
Our client, an oil-field employee,  was arrested for DUI and driving with an
excessive blood alcohol level.  The client's blood alcohol test was .18%, or nearly  
two and one half times the legal limit in California.  At the time of his arrest, the
Bakersfield Police Department confiscated our client's drivers license and he was
facing a four month suspension of his driving privilege.  Our office was retained and
we immediately  commenced a defense to save his license.  A stay of the
suspension was obtained through the Department of Motor Vehicles in Bakersfield
and a  hearing was scheduled.  At the hearing, our Law Firm was able to convince
the DMV that  there was insufficient evidence.  The DMV hearing officer set aside
the suspension and our client's license was returned.

Felony Drug Possession, DUI, Charges Dismissed
One of our clients was arrested and charged with DUI, driving under the influence of
drugs, and Felony possession of a controlled substance and various other vehicle
code offenses on Interstate 5 in Kern County.  Upon being retained, we opened a
dialogue with the Kern County District Attorney in Lamont California.  Due to our
involvement, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor, the
DUI charges were
dismissed, his license was saved, client served no time in Jail.

Second Offense DUI, Case Reversed on Appeal
Our client was charged with drunk driving in East Kern County.  He had a prior and
was on probation.  We believed the stop of his car was illegal as it was premised
on an anonymous citizen tip.  The Judge in Superior Court denied a 1538.5 motion
to dismiss.  Not deterred, we appealed the case and the Appellate Court agreed
with us, the case was reversed and dismissed.

Residential Burglary charges Dismissed
Our client was arrested and charged with residential burglary in the Taft Court.   The
District Attorney filed a felony against him. He retained our office and we filed a
motion to dismiss on Constitutional grounds.  Upon appearing in Court on the
motion, the District Attorney withdrew their case and the charges were dropped.

Felony Conspiracy Charges Dismissed
In September of this year, our client's father retained our office for his son charged
with  Felony conspiracy.   The client was out of state and desired to have the case
dismissed to avoid having to appear in Court.  We immediately filed a motion to
have the charge dropped and the Court set a hearing date.  At the hearing, the
Court granted our motion and all counts were dismissed.  Our client never had to
appear in the Kern County Court.

Felony Criminal Threats Charges Dropped
Mr. Blythe was successful in getting a criminal threat ,also known as terrorist
threats, case dismissed without trial.  The charges stemmed from a domestic
relationship. This ended a terrible ordeal for our client who was facing a strike and
possible jail time.

DUI- .13%, Charges Dismissed, DMV License Suspension set aside
Early this year, our client, a recent veteran of the Iraq war, was arrested and
charged with DUI in the Bakersfield Court.  His blood alcohol was .13% and the
DMV had initiated proceedings to suspend his license.  Our office was successful
in getting all criminal DUI and alcohol related charges dropped in Court, then won
the hearing at the DMV thus saving our client's license from a certain APS
suspension and permanent mark on his record.

Driving in excess of 100 mph, charges dismissed
Recently, our client, a small business owner, was charged with driving in excess of
100 mph in the
Mojave Court.  A conviction of the offense would mean a
suspension of his driver's license, a substantial fine, increased insurance and 2
points on his DMV record for seven years.  We took the case to trial and were able
to get the radar excluded, resulting in a not guilty decision  by the Judge and
complete dismissal of the case.

Drug Possession, Fraudulent Prescription Charges Dropped
Our Client, a registered nurse was charged with drug possession and prescription
fraud out of the Bakersfield Court.  A conviction of the charges meant an almost
certain loss of her nursing license.  Understanding this, we knew a "deal" was not
an option.  Our office filed various motions for dismissal and after several months
the Kern County District Attorney's Office dismissed the case completely.

Driving 112 mph, Case Dismissed
Attorney Bruce Blythe was able to get charges completely dropped for client  in
Mojave California. The CHP officer alleged our client was driving "recklessly" by
driving 112 mph.  This outcome saved a certain license suspension and likely
insurance termination for the client.

Shoplifting Charges Dismissed
Client was arrested for stealing items from Costco, she was charged with petty
theft.  Attorney Blythe was able to convince the District Attorney to divert the client
resulting in no conviction.

Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed
Charges of Domestic Violence (Penal Code 273.5) dismissed in Bakersfield
Superior Court on condition of counseling.  This result saved our client from a
criminal conviction on his record and a lifetime preclusion from owning or
possessing any firearm.

Commercial Truck Speed and Log Book Violation Dismissed
Our firm was hired to represent a truck driver charged with speeding and log book
citations, the driver had already lost the case by way of trial by declaration, we went
in and requested a trial de novo and got the case dismissed.

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