The answer to that question depends on how serious you are concerned
about your public record, your DMV report and whether you care if your
current or future prospective employers know that you have a criminal
conviction in your background.  The decision to simply "bury your head in
the sand" and not consult with a Bakersfield lawyer about your case can be
one of the most important things you do.  

Procrastination is generally not a good idea when dealing with the aftermath
of an arrest for any crime.  For example, in a DUI case if you fail to take
immediate action your privilege to drive in California will be suspended and
there is no way to reverse it.  That's right.  Under state law you cannot wait
to challenge the suspension of your license, you cannot simply ignore it until
you go to Court, that will be too late.

In non-DUI cases, hiring a lawyer at the outset can also be the best course of
action.  For instance, assume you were arrested for an assault and there was
an eyewitness that may have seen the incident but they were not interviewed
by the police.  These percipient witnesses can be forever lost and the
statement they may have given will never be presented in Court to exonerate
you if you wait and let the system move forward at its own pace.

Not many folks realize that the consequences of a criminal conviction can
also include loss of their right to custody of their children in a divorce
proceeding.  That is correct, under the California Family Code there is a
presumption that a person that has a conviction for domestic violence such as
battery or spousal abuse is an unfit parent.  The only way to avoid this is to
challenge the accusations and avoid a conviction.  Generally, an expungement
has little affect on the Judge's decision.

Too many innocent individuals are sitting in prison wondering what would
have happened if they took a different approach, made a choice to be
proactive and not merely blindly have faith that the criminal justice system
will do the right thing.  In our society a defense attorney may be the only
person that can stand in the way of over-zealous cops and prosecutors bent
on getting a conviction at any cost.  Visit
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additional informative articles and posts relating to the defense of those
accused of a criminal charge.

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