Being charged with a criminal offense can be the most stressful and
anxious times in a person's life.  The system can be cold and
heartless.  The only person standing between you and jail is your
criminal defense lawyer.  Bruce Blythe has been providing
aggressive criminal defense to residents of Bakersfield for close to
20 years.

When a person is accused of a crime, they face the terrible possibility
of going to jail. A good criminal defense attorney can make all the
difference in the world. They can negotiate with prosecutors and can
often arrange for reduced charges or lesser sentencing.    Our
Bakersfield Law Firm was established to provide valuable service to
those individuals charged with a crime in the County of Kern.  We
believe the constitutional rights of all persons should be resources of
the state. Without aggressive defense an accused can find
themselves with limited options.

Unlike many other firms, our attorneys practice criminal law
exclusively.  This means you will not be represented by a "jack of all
trades" lawyer. Just as you would not think of going to a podiatrist for
a heart problem, you should avoid turning to a general practitioner
attorney for a Bakersfield criminal case.

We approach every Kern County case with the attitude that the
person we are defending could be one of our own family members.
We know the stress and strain that legal matters can cause to a
person and their family. We are here to help answer your questions
regarding potential consequences of pleading guilty, your options
including jail alternatives, trial, diversion programs, probation,
professional license ramifications and driver's license issues.

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we can begin to help you immediately.

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