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If you are traveling through Kern County on your way to points north or
south you likely will traverse the lovely area of North Kern which tracks the
interstate 5 and is heavily patrolled by CHP and other law enforcement
officers.  Shafter is located in northern Kern County and handles all traffic,
DUI and criminal cases all the way through jury trial.  Felony cases often
start there and proceed through the preliminary hearing, which is intended to
force the District Attorney to prove their case before a Judge and weed out
weak cases that should be dismissed early on in the system.

The District Attorney in Shafter will file all serious criminal charges brought
by the CHP and Sheriff.  Among the most common are drug possession,
driving under the influence, reckless driving involving excessive speed and
operating with a suspended license.  Remember, the law states that anyone
arrested is presumed innocent until the contrary is proved in Court beyond a
reasonable doubt.  This means if you are accused of a crime, hire a lawyer
and fight the case in Court.

Being charged with a criminal defense in the Shafter California Court in
North Kern County does not always mean you will be convicted and end up
with a soiled reord,
local attorney Bruce Blythe can help.  Our Law Firm
has been helping people stay out of jail and keep their license for close to
fifteen years.  As local Kern County attorneys, we can go to Court for you
in most cases.  Our attorneys have successfully resolved all types of
offenses in the Shafter Court.  Some of the many kinds of criminal matters
we have handled include DUI, drunk driving, drug possession and marijuana
charges, reckless driving, public intoxication, commercial tickets, speeding in
excess of 100 mph, suspended license allegations, failure to appear, among
many others.
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The North Kern County Court in Shafter Ca has a reputation for being
extremely harsh and heavy handed in sentencing and prosecution of all
traffic and criminal cases.  However our Lawyers have practiced in that
Court for many years, making upwards of hundreds of appearances for our
clients.  As a result of our experience and local affiliations with the Court
and District Attorney, we have obtained very favorable results in virtually
every kind of case.  For example, recently we were hired after a client was
arrested on a warrant for various criminal charges.  The client had not gone
to Court and was picked up by the police and brought to the Shafter/Wasco
Court.  He was given an indicated sentence which involved a significant jail
term.  We spoke to the judge and were able to have the sentence reduced

In another recent case we handled for a client, we were able to get
County DUI charges dropped after our investigation revealed insufficient
evidence to convict.  Our client was arrested on Interstate 5 by the CHP and
was accused of having drugs in his system while driving.  After we spoke to
the District Attorney in Shafter all charges were dropped.

In yet another notable case, attorney Bruce Blythe was successful in having
all charges dismissed in the for a client facing reckless driving charges for
speeding in excess of 115 miles per hour on the freeway.  Surprisingly, most
drivers do not understand that a conviction for exceeding 100 mph in
California can result in a 30 day suspension of a drivers license, 2 points on
your DMV, same as a DUI, and a HUGE fine!

When searching for a speeding ticket attorney in, be sure that the lawyer is
local to the Court and has years of experience actually appearing before the
Judge in that jurisdiction.  Shafter DUI Attorney Blythe has nearly 20 years
experience defending traffic violations along the interstate 5 corridor, with
countless success stories involving all manner of criminal charges.  For
example, recently one of our clients was charged with DWI after being
stopped by the CHP.  Mr. Blythe got the driving under the influence
violations dismissed and dropped to a lesser charge.  In addition to the
criminal allegations, our office handles the DMV hearing for the client which
must be formally requested within a short time after the arrest.  If a demand
in not made within the proscribed time period, there will be little chance of
saving your driving privileges.

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Shafter Criminal Defense Lawyer in your
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