Kern County is located between Tulare and Los Angeles and is a popular destination for
fishing, hunting, outdoor sports and water recreation at Lake Isabella, Buena Vista, Lake
Ming and its many rivers and tributaries.  The primary law enforcement agencies in the
County are the Kern County Sheriff's Department, the CHP and the Bakersfield Police
Department.  Criminal Defense Attorney, Bruce Blythe has defended clients arrested
throughout the area and charged with virtually all types of public offenses.

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The primary criminal court for the county is located on Truxtun Avenue in the city of
Bakersfield.  Mr. Blythe's office is located a block away from this Court.  In addition to this
court, the county has courts in the cities of Taft, Lamont, Mojave, Shafter, Delano, Lake
Isabella, and Ridgecrest.  All of these jurisdictions have their own prosecutors and Judges
that hear cases that stem from those outlying areas.

One of the major type of criminal offenses our office deals with is the crime of driving under
the influence in kern county.  This crime is considered a misdemeanor unless someone is
injured or the accused has prior offenses that involved drunk driving.  Mr. Blythe has
personally handled thousands of cases over the last twenty years.  The following are a few
examples of cases he has resolved:

An oil-field employee,  was arrested for DUI and driving with an excessive blood alcohol
level.  The arresting agency administered a breath test and the client's blood alcohol  was
.18%, or nearly  two and one half times the legal limit in California.  At the time of his arrest,
the Bakersfield Police Department confiscated our client's drivers license and he was
facing a four month suspension of his driving privilege.  Our office was retained and we
immediately  commenced a defense to save his license.  A stay of the suspension was
obtained through the Department of Motor Vehicles in Bakersfield and a  hearing was
scheduled.  At the DMV hearing, our Law Firm was able to convince the DMV that  there
was insufficient evidence.  The DMV set aside the suspension and our client's license was

In another case, Bruce defended a client charged with a domestic violence charge in
eastern Kern County, Mojave.   The arrest was for felony PC 273.5.   The accused had
been married for 15 years, the alleged victim, his wife did not want to "press charges" but
the D.A. went forward with the case.  The lawyer fought the case and obtained a complete
dismissal of all charges, no classes, no probation, no plea bargain.  The client was forever
thankful because he had a security clearance that was saved by the attorney's efforts.

Attorney Bruce Blythe defended a client who was arrested and charged with DUI, driving
under the influence of drugs, and Felony possession of a controlled substance and various
other vehicle code offenses on Interstate 5 in Kern County.  Upon being retained, we
opened a dialogue with the Kern County District Attorney in Lamont California.  Due to our
involvement, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor, the DUI charges were dismissed
and our client served no time in Jail.

In another famous case, Mr. Blythe represented a driver of a Ferrari who was stopped and
cited for exceeding 100 mph (VC 22348B)  in the Kern County Desert. The client lived in
Southern California and could not travel back to the Court for trial.  Bruce fought th
charges and obtained a dismissal of all counts, saving him from a mandatory license
suspension and long term scar on his record.

For anyone facing a criminal charge, the most important thing they can do to improve the
chance of a positive outcome is to hire a lawyer early.  Law enforcement usually continues
to investigate cases and prepare the file to submit to the prosecutor up until the time the
case gets into Court.  The police may attempt an interview of you or other witnesses and
without an attorney you will be at the mercy of the government investigator who's sole job is
to build a cases and secure a conviction.

If you are facing a criminal charge in Kern County, contact the lawyer with the experience
and tenacity to fight for a dismissal.

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