Serving Bakersfield and Kern County for over years, Matthew Ruff and Mr.
Blythe focuses his practice on DUI and serious Criminal Cases

A native  Californian, Mr. Blythe has an extensive background in criminal law
with a focus on DUI/DWI offenses and related misdemeanor and felony crimes.
In addition, he has Business Litigation,  His broad range of legal experience and
extensive depth of knowledge and ability to navigate through all aspects of
California law gives clients an enormous advantage in Court

In addition to his formidable presence in the Courtroom, Attorney Blythe is an
aggressive and dedicated attorney, committed to providing clients with the
personal attention, compassion and professionalism they deserve. Providing
exceptional service to clients includes patient and helpful communications in
plain English, thorough investigation, research, and preparation of argument, as
well as aggressive advocacy.  In one recent case, attorney Blythe represented a
criminal defendant charged with the death of another motorist in an alleged
street racing incident in Bakersfield.  The District Attorney wanted prison time
for the accused despite the fact the defendant was rendered a quadriplegic
himself in the accident.  Undeterred by the prosecutions insistence on
incarceration, he filed numerous motions and ultimately persuaded the Judge to
sentence his client to "time served".

Bruce's thorough and enthusiastic approach to handling cases translates into the
continual achievement of outstanding results, including the reduction or
dismissal of charges, and when involved early on in a case, has resulted in
decisions by the prosecution not to file charges at all.

Bakersfield Criminal Defense Attorney Bruce M. Blythe works tirelessly for the
rights of his clients and enjoys a reputation as a fierce advocate by those on the

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