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Title: Bakersfield DUI Lawyer


Description:  Attorneys in Bakersfield California offering services for criminal
defense,    DUI and drunk driving defense and aggressive representation for
speeding tickets,  drug possession, and all felony and misdemeanor charges in Kern
County CA.
Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney  A criminal defense attorney available to
defend cases in the souther part of LA County including Signal Hill and San Pedro
CA, the attorney specializes in the defense of all criminal matters including DUI,
reckless driving, shoplifting and drug possession.

DUI Schools in California  This directory will assist you in locating a DUI school
that can be the first step in restoring your CA drivers license or satisfy the terms
of your Court ordered probation.

Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff in the News  Bakersfield lawyer
specializes in defending tough DUI and criminal cases in Kern County and
throughout the Southern California region, including Los Angeles.

Attorney Bruce Blythe in the News  Criminal defense attorney representing those
charged with all serious charges in Kern County including DUI, manslaughter,
reckless driving with injury, all felony matters in the local Courts.
Los Angeles Juvenile Defense Lawyer:  Lawyer specializing in juvenile criminal
defense in the Los Angeles region.  If you or a family member is in need of a
lawyer for a juvenile offense outside of Kern County, call attorney George Kita.