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If you have been arrested, have a Warrant, Juvenile, Traffic,
DUI or DMV matter in downtown Bakersfield Superior Court
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There are three big reasons to hire Mr. Blythe if you have been
arrested in Bakersfield or any other area of Kern County.  1.  Bruce
has nearly 20 years defending clients charged with DUI and other
serious criminal offenses.  He was raised in the city and lives here
full time, giving him a true edge over other "out of town" lawyers.  
2.  Bruce charges a flat fee for defense from start to finish and has
NO HIDDEN CHARGES.  3.  When you hire him to represent you in
your case you get his personal attention to your matter.  Your case
will not be "passed off" to a younger associate or handled by a
"case manager", paralegal or contract special appearance attorney
with no interest in the outcome of your case.

A criminal charge can have very serious consequences to
employment, your ability to get a license, own a gun, earn your
citizenship, keep custody of your kids and maintain good credit.  
There are legal defenses that exist in many cases that require an
attorney's assistance. With nearly 20 years of criminal defense
experience in Bakersfield and Kern County, Bruce knows that
when people are
contacted by the police or who are  accused of a
crime  in Bakersfield or  Kern County  are worried about their
record, losing their driving privilege, their employment or even
their freedom. He knows that when this happens people need
quick and clear answers to their legal questions, directly from a
seasoned, caring and smart  lawyer who knows  the people
involved in the prosecution and all of the laws and little known  
"ins and outs"  of the local  Court system.

Among the many criminal cases filed in Bakersfield are those of
DUI or drunk driving.  Kern County is ranked in the top of California
cities for driving under the influence arrests.  Attorney Blythe has
defended thousands of these cases with excellent results.  Those
looking to hire a good DUI lawyer should consider the years of
experience and DMV hearing knowledge that a law firm has to
offer.  As of 2014 AAA estimates a conviction for DWI costs
upwards of $15,000, we can help eliminate or reduce that cost in
many cases using time tested defenses and techniques.

Did you know that California law allows a lawyer to challenge a
past DWI conviction that is alleged in the current case as a
"prior"?  Correct, a Bakersfield DUI Attorney can file a motion to
strike past drunk driving priors if evidence shows the old case
contained errors, mistakes by the clerk or Judge or Constitutional
defects pertaining to the advice given to the accused.  Therefore, it
is possible to transform a driving under the influence case where
the client is looking at jail time and a long term revocation of their
license into one that is effectively a "first time offense".  Call us to
discuss this issue if you have priors alleged in your current case.  
A DUI with 1 prior allegation carries a typical jail sentence of 45
days or more if convicted.  Bruce routinely negotiates these cases
down to much lower punishments and the DMV consequences to
the driver's license are greatly diminished.  

Latest Case Results
Earlier this year we were engaged by an out of state resident who
was arrested for DUI here while in town for work.  He had a
commercial license and was scared about the consequences it
would have and his ability to keep his job.  Our office asked for and
got a DMV hearing where the issue involved the accuracy of the
breath test.  We presented expert testimony that the machine was
wrong, despite this the DMV took his license, we appealed and won,
the case was reversed and his license was returned 10-8-14.  
Subsequently, in Court on the DUI criminal charges Mr. Blythe
obtained an acquittal of the driving with .08 or more charges and the
VC23152a charges was dismissed in Bakersfield Court

Bruce was retained by a Bakersfield resident charged with Grand
Theft by the KCSO and he had priors which made prison a
possibility. The lawyer found weaknesses in the evidence that he
presented to the DA and got the charges dropped on a motion to

Bruce was hired by a oilfield worker that was arrested for a DUI near
Taft.  He was seen driving without headlights by the CHP at 11 p.m.  
The officer gave him a breath test that showed .14 and .15 BAC.  He
would lose his job if he lost his license, therefore we requested a
DMV hearing and were able to prove that the paperwork was
insufficient to allow th state to take his license, Result:  case
Dismissed on November 5, 2013.

Our firm was retained by a young woman (20) who was arrested
outside a party for DUI, she worked for the government and needed
her license for her job.  Being under 21 she was facing a 1 year
suspension.  We set a DMV hearing and established through
testimony that she was not guilty of DUI, the DMV agreed and set
aside the license suspension in Bakersfield on November 6, 2013.

Bakersfield DUI Attorney Bruce Blythe obtained a miraculous result
for a client in Kern County Superior Court on June 28, 2013.  The
client was accused of driving with a BAC of .11% as reported by a
breath test at the station as well as a PAS test in the field.  The client
was in a very terrible predicament because he had a commercial
license and 2 prior DUI convictions on his DMV record.  Therefore
he was looking a  
lifetime revocation of his license in addition to
mandatory imprisonment and IID in every car he owns for 3 years.   
Mr. Blythe was able to obtain a "not guilty" of the driving above a .08
charge and a reduction to a reckless driving, thereby saving the
client's commercial and regular non-commercial drivers license,
avoiding jail and keeping him from having to file an SR-22 with the
DMV for the next 5 years.

Our Law Office was hired by the mother of a young man new to the
area from out of state. The client was arrested shortly before 2 a.m.
after being stopped by the CHP on Rosedale Highway and
Fairhaven.  The client was contacted for not having a front license
plate on his vehicle.  During the stop the officer observed bloodshot
eyes, an odor of an alcoholic beverage, unsteady gait and slurred
speech.  The officer arrested him for driving under the influence of
alcohol (VC23152).  A blood test was given, the results came back
.23%, nearly three times the legal limit.  A timely request for a DMV
hearing was made.  The attorneys spotted a problem with the stop
of his car and argued that it violated the driver's 4th Amendment
Rights.  On June 17, 2013 the DMV agreed and dismissed the case
against the accused, his privilege to drive was immediately restored.
UPDATE ON THIS CASE:  On August 9, 2013 Mr. Blythe litigated a
motion to dismiss the criminal case in the Bakersfield Court on the
ground the client's Fourth Amendment Rights were violated during
the traffic stop.  The Judge agreed and the criminal charges were
thrown out, all charges dismissed, nothing on the client's record.

Bruce was retained by a client who was accused of domestic
violence in Eastern Kern County.  The accused worked for a
Defense Contractor and had a security clearance that was in
jeopardy due to the allegations.  Mr.  Blythe entered a not guilty plea
on the case and refused to accept any "plea bargains" as his client
maintained his innocence.  The Bakersfield DUI Attorney persevered
and got all charges DISMISSED in early 2013.

On August 18, 2012 our Firm overturned a DUI Refusal in the
Bakersfield Driver Safety Office.  The client was driving from Los
Angeles and stopped on I-5 by the CHP, arrested for DWI and later
refused all tests.  The attorney successfully argues the client's
rights were violated and the DMV returned his license after a hearing
and testimony from our client.

Recently our Firm won a DUI case for a client with a .17% BAC.  The
DUI attorney in Bakersfield successfully proved the initial stop of
the client was  illegal  when the CHP Officer followed our client out
of a Bakersfield bar parking lot.  The client's drivers license was
returned by the DMV with no suspension, a remarkable feat for any
DUI Attorney in Bakersfield California.

In April of 2013 Bakersfield Criminal Defense Attorney Bruce Blythe
represented a nurse charged with stealing drugs from the hospital
where she worked.  Mr. Blythe resolved the case that would result in
all charges being dismissed upon the completion of a drug
education and counseling program, no jail time was imposed.

We know the local Kern County Superior Court.  We have nearly
two decades of experience in criminal defense and driving under
the influence cases.  We know the Court procedures, the local
judges, the DMV and the prosecuting attorney (D.A.) where your
legal matter will be heard.  When searching for a Bakersfield DUI
Attorney or criminal lawyer ask yourself two crucial questions:  1.  
Do you want a law form with strong local connections, and 2. Is the
person you hire going to fight for a dismissal using the most
current techniques available?  Bakersfield DUI Attorney Bruce
Blythe meets both these criteria and is also innovative in his
approach and tenacity in protecting the client from a conviction..

Have you or a loved one been arrested in Bakersfield for a DUI or
other criminal offense?  If so, we can provide information and
guidance to help ensure that the event does not tarnish your
permanent record and strip away important rights and privileges.  
For example, most folks are unaware of the legal requirement that
only gives a limited time period to demand a hearing in order to
save an individual's drivers license after a DWI arrest.  Do not "sit
on your rights" and forever regret not contacting a Bakersfield DUI
lawyer who can fully explain your options and legal defenses.

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